Centre for Textile Engineering

In line with Ramos & Fortier's efforts to advance research in textile engineering and nanotechnology applications on textile, the company will be developing a training centre in Vancouver in collaboration with the Faculty of Textile Engineering of the Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic. See initial course offerings here.

TUL is the leading university in Europe in research and development in textile engineering. New technologies such as Flat Nanofiber Textiles, among others have been developed at TUL. It is also the home of the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technology and Innovation (ICX). ICX is a research centre co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and the European Commission's Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation.

Canadian universities interested in partnering should contact us at: services@ramos-fortier.com.


Czech Republic:

Prof. Ing. Jirí Militký, CSc
Ing. Zuzana Hrubošová
Fakulta textilní
Technická univerzita v Liberci
Studentská 1402/2
461 17 Liberec 1


Jun Ramos (connect on LinkedIn)
Ramos & Fortier Ltd.
World Trade Centre
404-999 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC V6C 3E2



The following initial course offering focusing on the subject of comfort are aimed at industry professionals. Students wishing to expand their knowledge on this subject are also welcome to apply. Course duration varies from a few weeks to several months. Please contact us for more details.

TXEN-601: Comfort and Thermoregulatory Requirements in Clothing

  • Human thermoregulation in the environment
  • Thermal indices and influence of climatic condition on total thermal comfort
  • Contribution of clothing to the thermal comfort feeling
  • Thermal and tactile comfort in the extreme climatic conditions
  • New trends in thermoregulatory textiles
  • Reflection of textile construction and properties in thermal insulation
  • Predicting heat and moisture transfer in fabrics

TXEN-602: Fibers, Yarns and Fabrics - From Textile Designer's POV

  • Benefits of textile structures
  • Interrelations between fibers, yarns and fabric behavior
  • Formability of textiles - Durability during use under various external conditions
  • Future challenges and trends

TXEN-603: Physical Comfort of Clothing - Hand

  • The objective measurement of comfort
  • Measuring fabric hand
  • Primary and total fabric hand
  • Factors affecting fabric hand
  • Properties of fabrics connected with hand

TXEN-604: Fashion and Function – Factors affecting the design and use of clothing

  • Factors influencing the design development process
  • Clothing systems and functionality
  • Reconciling fashion and function
  • Future trends

TXEN-605: Aesthetics of Clothing

  • Aesthetic parameters
  • Artistic and engineering design
  • Surface profile and roughness
  • Parameters of fabric appearance
  • Measurement of aesthetic attributes
  • Digital image processing application for aesthetic assessment
  • Future trends

TXEN-606: Drape Behaviour of Clothing Textiles

  • Factors responsible for drape behavior
  • Low stress mechanical properties and influence on drape
  • Measurement of drape using digital image processing technique - 2D and 3D drape behavior
  • Drape parameters
  • Contribution of drape to comfort and aesthetics

TXEN-607: Quality of Textiles

  • General definition of textiles quality
  • Utility value concept
  • Taguchi approach
  • Consumers feeling about quality- surveys and their evaluation